Welcome to Vedra Industries

We formulate and distribute propylene glycol and ethylene glycol, performance additives including pH buffers, corrosion inhibitors, and system cleaners. Our comprehensive product line makes us your single source supplier for all your closed loop water treatment requirements.  

Our Focus.
Our most popular HVAC products include ethylene glycol and propylene glycol based products blended with performance enhancing additives and corrosion inhibitors. 
We also offer uninhibited propylene glycol or ethylene glycol to insure compatibility with your existing closed-loop fluid. These products can be subsequently treated with our corrosion inhibitor  formulations to enhance performance, extend fluid life, resist degradation, minimize deposits and provide maximum corrosion control. Visit our Store at  www.shop.glycol.ca to order these products online. 

What Makes Us Different?
You can rely on our quality glycol products and in-depth knowledge of HVAC fluids to get the most out of your closed loop system. 

Our website has been  developed to help you make an informed product selection that will best suit your closed loop water treatment requirements.

For Your Information

Propylene glycol, Ethylene glycol and closed loop corrosion inhibitors can be purchased on-line through our secure on-line Store. All prices are F.O.B. Our Warehouse.

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