Shipping & Returns


All orders are freight and insurance prepaid by Buyer. Title to and risk of loss of the Products are transferred to Buyer upon Sellers delivery of the Products to the carrier, unless the Products are sold F.O.B. Destination, in which case title and risk of loss pass to Buyer upon delivery of the Products to Buyer at the delivery destination. Route of shipment is at Seller’s discretion, unless Buyer supplies explicit instructions. All shipments are incurred at Buyer’s expense and made at the Buyer’s risk.


Seller will not be liable for any delay in the delivery or shipment of products, or for any damages suffered by Buyer by reason of such delay, when such delay is beyond Seller’s control. Seller shall have the additional right if any of the above mentioned contingencies occur, at Seller’s option, to cancel in whole or in part, this contract without any resulting liability.


Orders accepted by Seller are not subject to cancellation by Buyer, except with Seller’s written consent and upon terms that compensate Seller for any loss or damage arising out of said cancellation. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing. All cancellations are subject to a 25% cancellation fee from the Buyer.


We accept product(s) returned for credit to the buyer’s account only with prior written approval by Seller. To obtain this permission you must contact us with your request. You will be issued a Return Materials Authorization document that must be included with your return shipment. Returns must be within 14 days of buyer’s receipt of the product(s). Returns are allowed only for justifiable reasons. Containers must be in the original shipping condition, and cannot have been opened or be damaged or used in any manner. Returns, if so warranted, shall be freight prepaid by the buyer, and in original packaging.


The cost you actually paid for the item or items being returned, less shipping and a 25% restocking charge, will be returned within 30 days of its receipt at Seller’s warehouse, provided the returned product or products must not have been opened, punctured, used or in any affected in any other manner that would render the product(s) unfit for resale. The transaction will be refunded in the way it was processed (e.g. credited to the credit card you used). The return transaction must be within 30 days from the date of delivery of the item or items being returned. Customers assume all responsibility for purchase and safe, proper and legal use of the products they purchase.